NOF is a free standing structure assembled from interlocking pieces without any use of mechanical fasteners. All parts fit and hold together only by static friction and attraction of gravity. Its human-scale-based dimensions allow a small team of three people easy and effective assembly.

Repeating pattern consist of four pieces, each piece has four slots. Orientation of slots ensures that pieces lock together or in other words, each piece supports and is supported by other two neighbors. Thus creating a homogenous mesh. (See Assembly Procedure I)  Horizontal and vertical angle between two pieces can vary only to some extend so that pieces fit properly . The repeat allows only some degree of curvature and requires smooth continuos surface.

Sculpture stands on three points and the challenge was to find a solution for a structure with limited curvature, spanning between three points. Resulting surface was modeled with method of dynamic relaxation. There are two sets of elements in the computer simulation set up: plane (space frame built from springs) and three spheres (their poles placed at the support points).  Plane is dragged and formed against the constraint spheres. Strength of the springs controls the deformation of the surface, diameter of the spheres limits the maximum curvature. (See Surface Evolution)

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